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I got a call from someone saying I could get a $100 Walmart gift card by paying $4.95. Then asked me to listen to an automated service regarding a lot of other programs that I could enroll in to save me money.

I explained I wasn't interested but he said it was part of the program. I agreed. The automated voice was speaking so fast, I could hardly understand what they were saying. When asked if I accept the terms, I answered no.

The guy got back on the phone and told me just to say yes. Told him I did not want this but he kept assuring me that no money would come out of my account. Only the $4.95 he was charging me. Should've just hung up then and there.

But I wanted to believe that this was legitimate. He assured me there would be a packet coming to me and if i wanted to enroll in any of those programs, I could do so at that time. Well, needless to say, I never received any information or packet in the mail. For the next week, I began having all these companies take out money from my bank account.

I immediately called them and explained what had happened. All have been nice enough to refund my money and cancel any membership. All that is except for Journey Pass!! I tried calling them only to sit on the line for almost 20 minutes each time waiting for a representative to answer.

No one ever did. So I emailed them from their website, where it says CONTACT US. They emailed me back thanking me for contacting them. Told me someone would be emailing me back to take care of the problem.

Again, no one ever did!! So just recently, I get another $29.95 ping on my account. I was livid!! I finally just got through to them, explaining what the situation is and they very politely told me they couldn't refund any of my money.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I asked Rita, "if you can't refund the 1st $29.95, why can't you refund the 2nd charge. I sent an email to you? And with all the money your company is making, $60.00 is not going to hurt them!!

Besides, if this were happening ro you, I'm certain you would react the same way!" All she would say was I couldn't get a refund, but we can send you a $50 gift card to any restaurant that was in our area. REALLY??!!! At the end, I still did not get my Walmart gift card!

Just a bunch of aggravation! CONSUMER BEWARE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Journey Pass Gift Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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