This company Journey pass is a fraud. Please if they call you hang up the phone.

They spoke with my husband and ask if he was a qualified user of a credit card. He said yes he was. They did not say which card or ask for a number. They then ask if they could send him a package valued at $99.00.

He said yes. They already had our card number. He did not know that. They charged another $4.85 to our card as an activation fee.

This is how they scam you. They get your card off the internet, they don't ask for a number from you or a card for that matter because they already have your stolen card number. They then ask if you are a qualified user and you say yes. Bingo, they have got you and you don't even suspect it.

This was in June and they said they would send us a packet. No such packet has every arrived. I called and ask if I could get my money back and they said no way. I didn't call in time and the time period to cancel had already run out.

How could I cancel when I didn't even know I had purchased something?

Please beware of this Rip Off company. They are a bunch of low down scammers who set on their tails all day while hard working people are out trying to make a living.

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