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We ran across an add offering a 100$ Walmart gift card, or 100$ worth of gas vouchers for simply completing a brief survey. After well over a half hour worth of brief surveys it came to the point of which of the two offers we wanted( gas, or Walmart cards).

That's when a credit card was needed. We had spent so much time already that we figured it'd be a total loss to not complete the process. Before their 14 day free trial was up we cancelled the membership. Now here we are 3 months later still being charged, never received the benefits, & there is no membership( because we cancelled it) to log in to to complain???

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Monetary Loss: $202.

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I was scammed to and I called my bank and cancel my credit card hope they can no longer access my info


They've done us the same way, where is a number so I can call and curse these idiots out?

to Anonymous #1269923

I just got off the phone at it's 1-844-822-8148. It's with www.valuepass.com

Owasso, Oklahoma, United States #1241374

I too have been scammed

I have a large balance on my credit card and never use it anymore. Just make the payment every month to get it paid off

I called ValuePass at least 6 months ago to cancel and they have continued charging $24.95 monthly to my credit card.

Since I do not use the card anymore I don't check the statement. I did tonight and I am pissed. My credit card company called them while they had me on the phone to cancel my subscription and the company closes the phone lines at 6:30pm Eastern time.

I will call my credit card Companies Disputes Department back tomorrow night before 6:30 eastern so we can have a three way call to cancel for good. Worthless Bastards


After canceling before the 14 day free trail I passed because its been 3 months and still i just saw my bank statement and I had been charged. On a closes membership which I never revived anything the promise after a 30 plus minutes of haggling WTF ?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #1134838

I was also scammed.


I'm very upset that value pass have the nerve to ask for money for something that is giving to people who desperately need help but have to pay Don't get me wrong I love like value pass but I believe they are full off b.s. if you are going to send the 100.00 dollars voucher than send it if not don't waste my time


I need to cancel journey pass


I got caught with same scam. Did not enroll in a membership and therefore never received any membership info or products, however my credit card has been billed for 3 months.

I had to cancel my credit card to cancel this fraudulent membership. Be careful everyone.


Got a card in the mail saying I had a $100.00 gift card at walmart,target and many more in my name and to claim it I had to call a toll free number. I did!

Had to pay $5.95 s/h charge,and never got the card.When I. tried to call them,I kept getting different numbers to call.

I had to end up getting a new card so they wouldn't continue taking money. It's a scam!Something,should be done about it!


Value pass is so untrue anyone working for them needs to go to jail for at least 6-12 months


I always look on my app to see my account activity And out of nowhere this $4.95 charge pops up and I know I didn't buy anything lately because I don't go anywhere. I got a call about a Walmart gift card and did hang up but they already knew who I was and my info I guess.

I called my bank and they're doing an investigation.

It may not seem like a lot but for a college student $5 shouldn't be spent lightly. It really sucks that people would do something like this.


I'm glad I just searched and saw this, I'm on the phone with a guy with Value Pass, claiming to have a 100Dollar Walmart thing for me, that I just need to pay 4 dollar activation... crooked people suck:/

Langhorne, Pennsylvania, United States #959304

Yes call your bank and thay will refund your money.

Bovill, Idaho, United States #956206

I just emailed my credit union letting them know. I did not complete the call as i was looking here before i finished, but they did get my redit card number already. I will also call my credit union in the am as well.


My bank took care of the charges very quickly. I cancelled my card to prevent any further charges.


We are having the same issue. Make sure you check for other smaller purchases that you don't remember making.

Also look for transactions with the same amount of money taking on the same day or a day apart for different companies. So far we've had 7 different companies taking money. All but one say they are with value pass or journey pass but list on bank statements as other companies. All of which we had never contacted.

All of them offering same device prices and trials for various things, such as id prevention, auto warranty, travel and shopping. Only 2 said anything about the WalMart gift card and all claim to have sent paperwork and membership packs that never came.

The number listed on the bank statement under a journey pass charge led me to a photography/video equipment company in Manhattan who has no affiliation with journey pass or valu pass and urged me to called my bank right away. Also stating they would be informing their management and said they would help us and the bank in anyway.

to sairah #1268807

And this was in 2014. Still doing it cause I got scammed last year. So angry with myself

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